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Today, it is increasingly recognized that QE (5S) management techniques enhance productivity and competitiveness. In order to become a World Class Gemba, an organization has to go through a continuous and systematic process to:

  • Identify, reduce and eliminate waste
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Enhance operation effectiveness in a better working environment
  • Form the basic advanced model for Productivity and Quality Improvement

The key word in this description is the elimination of unnecessary items in the workplace. Sorting is an excellent technique to transform a cluttered workplace layout into an effective area to improve efficiency and safety.

Potential Impacts:

  • Necessary items are identified and positioned in
  • the right workplace and location.
  • Unwanted items are eliminated.
  • Searching time is reduced.
  • Working environment is improved.
  • Space utilization is maximized.
  • Mark reference materials with an oblique line to detect disorder from a distance.
  • Put names and numbers on all jigs and tools.
  • Store tools beside the machine with which they will be used according to sequence of work operations.
  • Organize files and store using color code to make it easy to identify materials at a glance.
  • Store similar items together.
  • Store different items in separate rows.
  • Do not stack items together, use rack or shelf.
  • Use small’s bins to organize small items
  • Use color for quick identification of items.
  • Label clearly each item and its storage area (Visual Control)
  • Use see-through cover for better visibility.
  • Use specially designed carts to organize tools, jigs and measuring devices that are needed for each particular machine.

The key word in this description is keeping the workplace and everything in it clean and in good functional condition. This is achieved through the combination of the cleaning function and defect detection.

Potential Impacts:

  • Higher quality work and products.
  • More comfortable and safer work environment
  • Greater visibility and reduced retrieval time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Creates positives impression on visitors and during customer inspections

Examples of checklists are:
Potential Impacts:

  • Better workplace standards.
  • Better Visual Control Systems.
  • Establishment of Rules and Standard Operation
  • Procedure (SOP).
  • Information sharing on required standards.
  • Improvement in operation and workflow.

The last S stands for SUSTAIN which requires self-discipline..
Buying in to these basic values is the essential starting point to develop a World Class organization.

Mistake proofing recognizes that every human will make mistakes and tries to set up systems that minimize or eliminate those mistakes.

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Writing a Case Study on Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace is the action of the aggressive and rude behaviour towards the co-worker because of the negative attitude to his personality, his ethnicity, religious views, worldview, gender, sexual orientation, appearance and character. It is obvious that there are many factors which can provoke the aggressor to commit a violent action. Violence in the workplace is quite a common problem nowadays because the humanity lives in the constant stress and overloading with information and these factors cause strong aggression and violent behaviour.

Violence in the workplace is a serious problem which spoils the work of the company, because the opponents try to reduce the effectiveness of work of one another and the firm’s financial performance reduces. The employer is supposed to maintain the healthy working conditions for everyone and provide every employee with advice and protection. Every smart employer is supposed to know about the problems which exist in the staff and to do his best to calm down the emotions and build the constructive working relations. Violence can touch upon the individuals who differ from the other members of the staff with his worldview, gender, age and ethnicity. Naturally, a human being always treats different people suspiciously, but violence in a radical and completely impropriate behaviour. In addition, violence in the workplace can be connected with the success of the victim. The employee can do his job well and receive respect from the side of the employer and the rest of the staff envies him and starts behaving towards him violently in order to make his quit the workplace and give up the competition. Read more…

Case Study on Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the subjective evaluation of an individual of his own worthiness and importance. Self-esteem is an important problem of psychology and it has been research by numerous psychologists who tried to discover the sources of self-esteem and the reasons of the low and high self-esteem. There are many theories which describe the role and the aspects of self-esteem for the human life and success. For example, there is the Pyramid of Maslow which presents the hierarchy of the human needs and self-esteem belongs to the important row of the ‘high’ needs of an individual, like respect, confidence, etc. Self-esteem plays the key role in the success of the human life and all the problems which occur with people depend on this factor. Very often if one is not active and is afraid of serious actions, promotion at work, etc, he will never reach success, because he does not know that he is worthy and that the others are the same but not better than he. It is important to develop the quality of self-esteem from the early childhood demonstrating to the child that he is able to do the work himself, devote serious tasks to the child and when he copes with this work, he will understand that he is skilful and independent enough to work further. As a result the person is not afraid of the environment and the critical opinion of the others and works hard till she reaches her goal. Self-esteem and motivation is an effective tandem which brings success to an individual, because the feeling of self-respect and the constant motion are always rewarded with benefit in all spheres of human life: family, education, work, leisure, etc. Read more…

Case Study on Venture Capital

Venture capital is the capital of the investors and is aimed at the finance of the new and developing firms, which are striving to reach success. It is obvious that venture capital is closely connected with risk, because one can not predict whether the firm can be successful and bring profit or not. Investors who give money for the development of a firm realize that they make long-term investments and expect to receive profit in future if the business is successful. Nowadays, venture capital is associated with new technologies and innovations, because only fresh new ideas attract investors, who are looking for the highest profit. Venture capital is not only the money aimed for the starting of new business, but for the support of the existing one which is close to bankrupting. Investors save business from its collapse and give a second chance for its development. Read more…

Case Study Proposal Writing

Case study writing is the common assignment at every college and university, which teaches students analyze the direct situations and problems related with the core subjects developing their professional skills and knowledge. Every case study is a certain puzzle, which requires time and nerves. One should devote much time to collect much information on the topic and analyze it well. It is obvious that if a student is interested in the direct problem, which is closely connected with the main topic, he can prepare a case study proposal asking the permission to research this very case.

Naturally, it is difficult to complete a worthy case study proposal especially for inexperienced students, because the paper requires logical structure and correct presentation of data and evidence which can persuade the professor permit a student investigate the chosen topic. If one is not sure that he is able to write an effective case study proposal himself, he can apply for the high-quality help in the internet and order a case study proposal online. Numerous professional case study proposal writing services offer their assistance to students who have troubles with the process of writing. It is an advantage to buy a case study proposal online, because an expert possesses rich imagination and professional skills which can be helpful in the correct choice of the points for the research and organization of the paper. Read more…

Case Study on Forex

When a company chooses to practice worldwide funding actions, it also takes on extra threats and possibilities. The main threats associated with businesses as seen in the case are Forex trading threats and governmental threats. They are key setbacks, because they sometimes develop barriers in maintaining continuous and efficient income. When most people begin their companies, they are initially optimistic and hope to be successful.

Sometimes, people will discourage one to plan on how to get out of business or try something different. Therefore, it is smart to consider the journey that lies ahead and is armed with the best measures to take in case business does not go as per one’s expectations. For instance, employees are bound to leave the company as a result of illness, death or search for better pay. By considering such aspects as one begins their business, they are armed for the whole process.

A foreign return threat happens when the value of investment varies due to changes in currency return quantity. When a household Forex projects against a Forex or profits gained, the worldwide fund will reduce after getting interchanged back to the household Forex. Due to unforeseen characteristics of the return quantity, it can be quite challenging to avoid this threat that damages sales and earnings. Read more…

How to Write a Law Case Study

Law is one of the factors which regulate social relations. Unfortunately, there is no direct definition to the term of law, because this question is very vast and there are many schools of law which explain the meaning of this term differently. Nevertheless, it is possible to find at least one common explanation which describes the sense of this term. Law is the set of norms and rules which maintain proper social relations and are maintained by the government. Law is a very old discipline which appeared already in ancient Greece due to Aristotle, who is considered to be the founder of the discipline. Since ancient times people wanted to regulate their life in the society and protect their rights. The desire for protection is the natural one, that is why people have always thought about the norms which can provide them with safety and security. There is a brief list of the main components of law, which should be present in every law system of every country. Read more…

Case Study on JC Penney

SWOT Analysis
One of the main strengths that JC Penney Company possesses over its competitors is its Customer First Initiative. The firm also has a broad product and service provisions. The firm is able to offer a wide array of products and services over customers through its numerous online retail channels (Baron, 2000). The firm also has a reasonable brand portfolio. This is indicated by the popular brands the company retails. Some of these brands include South Pole, Dockers and Degree (Phalon, 2001).

The main weakness for the firm is their preceding surplus inventory. The overflow in the products the firm had acquired is the main reason for the decline in sales. Moreover, the overflow in the inventory has delayed the firm in receiving new stock that caters for the new fashion tendencies (Baron, 2000).

One opportunity that the firm has over its competitors is its expansion of Sephora stores. Since Sephora is an upcoming brand that provides new cosmetic trends, the firm has the opportunity of expanding the stores in order to include more Sephora products (Slywotzky, 2002). The firm also has the possibility of launching novel and exclusive private label brands due to its wide network that covers the country. Read more…

Second-Impact Syndrome Case Study

The article title “Second-Impact Syndrome” written by Sarah Cobb, and Barbara Battin in The Journal of School Nursing, dated October 2004, speaks about the dangers of the head injury that occurs in schools or universities. The article starts by noting that head injuries are very common in high school/university sports, and that one has to properly face the potential problems associated with head injuries. Failure to properly treat or prevent injuries (especially second-impact injuries) might cause great damage to the central nervous system of people and cause somatic, emotional and cognitive problems later in their lives.

The article called concussion a “form of head injury that occurs immediately after a blunt force strikes the head causing the brain to move within the confines of the skull”(Cobb et al, p.262). Contrary to the common belief concussion does not always lead to Loss of consciousness (LOC) and thus is oftentimes left unnoticed. Later individuals experience headaches, amnesia, confusion and other sensual disturbance that interfere with normal functioning.

Concussion has three different grades as shown below (Cobb et al, p.263):

  1. Mental abnormalities lasting less than 15 minutes, no loss of consciousness.
  2. mental abnormalities lasting over 15 minutes, no loss of consciousness.
  3. Loss of consciousness Read more…

DDB Case Study

DDB Case Study

DDB industries is clearly an unusual example of business approach. Non-standard ways of creating working area, setting goals and achieving them makes ВВD stand out against most companies of its sphere, not to mention companies from less creative types of business.

It is not an easy task to analyse DDB’s approach in human motivation in terms of certain theories (for a theory is often a strict set of views and ideas, while a working process is rather a living organism that is highly flexible). Still, let us take a look at David c McClelland’s motivational needs theory and try to see how DDB’s top management uses this theories concepts in motivation employees. McClelland’s idea of motivation consisted of three main drivers: the need for power, achievement, and affiliation – each influencing different types of employees in a different way. By hiring “recruiting and retaining high-potential individuals”, the DDB management automatically receives workers with a need for achievement. While setting self-managed teams that work on certain projects, they achieve the “affiliation” factor, and the team leaders that are chosen by the team satisfy their need for power. In fact, all group members have an opportunity to work on several projects and have an opportunity for Job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation and other motivational tools – the things most workers from other industries may only dream of. The idea of sharing the income by dividing a “pot of money” according to each member’s contribution is another motivation that manages the level of motivation and responsibility among the members of the working units. Read more…


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