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Free Case Study on eBay

Case Study on eBay

I am writing this case study in response to the website that you have created to market eBay. IN order to best market a company as prolific as eBay, your ideas must be innovative and original yet easy to follow and understand. The website that you have created using a single marketing strategy is a good one, and I will proceed to give you a detailed evaluation of the marketing techniques that you employ in this website. eBay is a very unique company, in that they do not provide the product mix themselves, rather they make it possible for their members to do so. The main goal of this company is place utility.

eBay is known for their ability to allow people from across the world to interact together in order to get the things that they want and need at the best possible price. They can do this without leaving their own home, which makes life easier on every one. By using a total-market approach, you do a good job in attracting everyone to use this company to do one thing: buy and sell to fulfill their needs. This website effectively helps all people to become a part of the eBay community by: o Facilitates in discovery of product mix by allowing members easy access to any and all products available for sale o Creates step-by-step procedures for selling items ensuring that all members have the chance to profit by easily listing their own items for sale o Allowing for personal selling by allowing members to contact each other for any additional information they request about the products o Separation into categories makes it easy for members to browse around and may entice them to purchase an item, or sell one of their own Since eBay’s profit is obtained according to a percentage of the goods bought and sold through the company, the more people buy, the more profit for the company. This is an obvious concept for any company, but it is special for eBay because there is very little money invested by the company, so more sales means pure profit. The only portion of the site that you have created that can be fixed to make it easier for interactions to take place is the ‘categories’ section.

If it were less wordy or more space were allotted for it, then the site would have some of that much needed white space which makes customers feel less overwhelmed. Overall, the marketing strategy you have implemented in this website is superb. You make use of every aspect of the marketing approach and facilitate the buying and selling process between people across the world, with minimal expense for the company, and maximal profit.

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