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Sample Case Study on Homelessness

Case Study on Homelessness

As I was driving home from class last week, I was stopped at a red light on Biscayne Boulevard. On any given day in Miami I know I will see people wearing a T-shirt that says “The Homeless Voice” and Knowing I had this essay due I figured I could get something out of the newspaper. Well needless to say I donated some of my extra change that had accumulated in my car, but when I handed the loose change to the woman she praised me and said “Thank you sir and God bless you”. At that moment I realized how many people some of my spare change could help. I didn’t care that I had to do a case study essay on something I knew nothing of until then.

I sat down at my kitchen table and began to read the newspaper, and it touched me in so many ways. I never thought it was something so serious until reading so many different stories of how people became homeless. Each story touched my heart; there was one story in particular story that caught my full attention.

The story was about a man called Heavy. Heavy used to work for a traveling carnival. Then one day the carnival decided they didn’t need him anymore, so they dropped him off in Hollywood which is not too far from here. Heavy didn’t have much life skills. So the homeless voice, which is affiliated with “Helping People in America”, sent him to some life skills classes, in Broward County. He stayed there for about six months and was released, still without a job; Heavy would volunteer himself as a driver for the “Homeless Voice Shelter”, which he has called home for the past five years.

Now Heavy is 350 lbs and has diabetes, he also has heart problems. But with all these problems he is still grateful to have the shelter and those who helped him, he has said over and over again that he will volunteer until he dies. Well the organization had a donation; it was a motor home in which they had no clue as to what they should do with it. The organization decided to give Heavy the motor home. Heavy was so happy that he had tears in his eyes. He always felt that the world was against him, but on that day he was on top of the world.

After I read this story I sat there staring into thin air and began to wonder what it would have been like to be Heavy at that wonderful moment. It gave me goose bumps to think of all the horrible things he might have encountered in his life. It also made me happy to know that there are people who care about the homeless and do something to help them. From this moment on I will do my best to help any person in need, it’s the least I can do.

There are many other sad stories I read with many different reasons. Unemployment, Family/personal illness, alcohol/drug abuse, welfare time limits, physical/mental disability, and prison/jail were just some of the reasons people be come homeless. Homelessness is a huge problem world wide and I hope to see that the numbers of people who are home less drop drastically.

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