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Business Case Study on John Deere

Case Study on John Deere

John Deere is a large and versatile American company that has dedicated their products to improve the quality of the work force and the look of your front yard.

From people who simply want to cut their grass in the back yard with their John Deere LT series riding tractor, to businesses that haul thousand of tons of ore or stone with their John Deere 4WD loader Dump truck. Deere’s targeted market is split into two major divisions. Half consisting of working/business oriented customers and the other half, homeowners. Deere offers high quality pieces of equipment to all sorts of large businesses. Contractors need backhoes and front loaders. Miners need massive dump trucks and earthmovers. John Deere also supplies the logging industry with logging machines and the farming industry with large tractors and farming supplies to make a living. The reliability of John Deere’s equipment is essential for the people who work with and around them.

John Deere has a large variety of cospetual and versatile pieces of equipment for full work force of different businesses. Along with the high quality equipment John Deere offers an extensive warranty plan known as the “Power Gard Protection plan”. This plan covers all failures of equipment due to original defective materials or workmanship. John Deere has also joined up with “ Crop Verifeye.com” and “ Vantage Point Network “ to develop a high tech tool that gathers data while farming is being done. Information on product yields, quality items and other field information is available with this device. John Deere also has created a convenient system called “DeereTrax”. This system assists in locating a piece of equipment if it was missing or simply for the contractor/owner’s convenience. This system is easily installed and user friendly.

Capabilities of this system include timing of engine hours, equipment locating, and gives the owner the ability to track scheduled maintenance of machines.
Many of the products that John Deere offers can be customized to fit the purchaser’s requirements, similar to buying a car with AC or power seats. Though many accessories could raise or lower the price of the equipment. This allows the investor to choose what package will suit them better and is within their price range. If the investor is not in the market for a new piece of machinery John Deere also established a network for used equipment. This is essential for customers who want a quality guaranteed John Deere product but don’t have the funds to obtain one.

As any quality company knows, advertising is a large part of any a successful business. Deere has become very adept in their advertising campaigns using TV, magazines, conventions, and the Internet to sell their product. Their most famous advertising of all is the famous colors of green and yellow makes John Deere one of the most recognizable tractors in the world. The color John Deere green is so popular that a song was wrote about it in the mid 90’s. John Deere is not only a house hold name in the United States, they have also spread their corporation to other countries. These countries include Australia, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. This makes John Deere equipment available to virtually everyone and brings a worldwide economy home.

There are some threats currently for John Deere, due to the slow down of the economy recently. Though this is not a primary emergency because sales are down everywhere. But Deere did announce that they would have to scale back production in their major equipment operations division lowering earnings to last year’s levels.

The John Deere Company is a true American company that continues to advance though out tough times in the economy. Deere keeps developing new, high tech products and components with equally high quality equipment. This proves that this company is vibrant and willing to make advances as the world turns. Persistence, dedication and quality assurance are key’s in creating a top-notch company, and John Deere has displayed all to prove they’re here to stay.

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