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Strengths and Weakness of Case Study Method

Strengths and Weakness of the Case Study Method as an Approach to Qualitative Research
Case studies can be briefly defined as a form of qualitative descriptive research that explores individuals, a small group of individuals participating in a project, or a group as a whole. Like traditional research methods, the case study is aimed as collecting data, which can be participants’ information, direct observations, examination of records, tests, interviews, etc. Research is limited to the information available from individuals or a group of individuals participating in a study; therefore the conclusions a drawn solely about participants in a specific context. For these reasons, researchers avoid generalization and discovery of universal cause and effect relationships and focus instead on exploration and description. These characteristics of case study research methodology imply that a series of limitations exists in terms of application of this tool. At the same time, many professionals argue this type of research provides valuable insights and triggers questions for further discussion and research. Read more…