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Best Case Study Topics

Winning Case Study Topics

If you want to prepare a successful case study, choose a good topic which attracts you and try to investigate the case as profoundly as possible.

There is a list of the best case study topics which are worth researching:
1) Business and the environment (research if the environment is damaged by human activities);

2) Planning and the business cycle;

3) Planning a budget (research the development and the use of budget);

4) Financial risks (appraise the investment and realize the importance of decision making);

5) International marketing

6) Market research (study the importance of market research in the creation of business strategy);

7) Business location (analyze how the business success depends on its location);

8) Motivation (analyze the factors which motivate the staff to work);

9) Production process (research the organization of a company, its economic problems, how they are solved, learn the factors of production and opportunity cost);

10) Government influence in business (analyze how can the government influence business: it can support business and on the other hand the interference of the government can produce harmful effect on business).


Arnold Schwarzenegger Case Study

Case Study on Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a well-rounded, strong and persistent personality, combined with what appears as unique social and leadership skills. His past accomplishments and the way he handled challenges in the public sphere fit very well into the Big Five Model of personality.

In his early career Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder and an actor – two professions which require a high level of extroversion and gregariousness. Indeed, he seems powerful but not intimidating, social enough to offer himself as a leader in a trust relationship.

Standing behind his promises and sticking with his plans, Schwarzenegger appears to be a conscientious, reliable and stabile person. He is attentive to others’ wishes, but seems to make decisions according to his own judgement.

Schwarzenegger was able to transform these abilities and others to a successful political career. He is friendly and open, but do not position himself as one who can be manoeuvred or confirm with the majority. Most significantly, California’s need for a strong leadership in the governor’s office during a period of economic difficulties has helped Schwarzenegger in the race for the chair.

2. As a governor, Schwarzenegger has obviously the possibility to practice his formal power as the base of influence. Considering his natural influence on people, it appears though that Schwarzenegger is reluctant to use coercive or legitimacy sources of power, rather presenting himself as a rewarding leader. One example is his effort to pass a budgeting reform: at what seems as unusual for a governor, he left his office to hold discussion with the other officials on their own desks; that is, in fact, a tendency not to frighten others, but to cooperate and demonstrate attention to the perceived advantages of his plan. Read more…

Timbuk2 Case Study

Timbuk2 Case Study

1. Mark’s goal was to grow the business. What risks was Mark taking with the decision to discontinue selling products through CompUSA?
CompUSA has numerous outlets throughout the country and the chain is familiar to many consumers. Selling through CompUSA was giving Mark broader audience and opportunity to raise brand awareness. The risk was that without CompUSA, the sales would drop dramatically and company would not use its full capacity, which means idle production time and laying-off workers.

2. What advantages does the specialty retail store distribution strategy offer Timbuk2? What risks does this strategy entail?
Selling in the specialty retail stores allows to price the products higher then in the big retail shops and receive higher profit margin. On the other hand, specialty stores do not sell to all groups of consumers, so there are less potential buyers. Nevertheless, specialty retail stores attract buyers looking for products with certain specific features that go beyond mass marketed products and are willing to pay premium for that. Specialty stores may attract customers, who are more concerned not with the price, but rather with the image of a product. Specialty retailers serve not such large target market as mass market channels, but still it can be quite sizable. Read more…

About Case Study Formats

Case Study Formats

When you have to write a case study, you may be offered to prepare it in a special format. There are many formats used in writing a case study but the most popular are MLA and APA formats. Sometimes students have troubles with organizing their case papers in this or that format, because they hardly know the slightest difference between these formats. We will try to explain to you the key points of these formats, their usage in different types of papers and in various disciplines.

What is the APA Format?
The APA (American Psychological Association) format is used in research papers, case studies by psychologists and is common in social disciplines. Every APA document has a specific structure. It consists of eight parts. The title page includes the article and information about the author, then there is the abstract which summarizes the conclusions of the research. The introduction of the case study in APA format presents the background information and tells the reader about the problem. The main part of the case study introduces the methods and measures which have been taken to solve the problem or the case. Then follows the result section. Here you write the findings and their value for the human knowledge. Then, there is the reference page where you enumerate the used literary sources. Finally, in the appendix section introduce tables, explanations, pictures, diagrams. You must remember that the main task of the APA format is to make information clear for everybody. There are many ways of achieving clarity: creation of tables, diagrams, references, citations, presentation of statistics. As you see, this format is convenient for making researches in the field of social disciplines. Read more…

Blue Grocery Store Case Study

Blue Grocery Store Case Study

Competent staffing for warehouse operations is a necessity in today’s grocery industry. With the high demands for fresh and valuable products, any staffing problems in warehousing operations can cost a grocer his or her business. On the shipping dock of Blue Grocery Stores, Incorporated, the summer season can be managed effectively to allow employees the opportunities to enjoy their vacation time, maintain an adequate staff, and facilitate overall smooth operations. During the summer months, it is typical for the supervisor of Blue’s warehouse to experience staffing problems due to senior staff wanting to use their vacation time. To add to the supervisor’s frustration, he has to deal with personnel shortages on a daily and weekly basis with the increase in summer time sick day call-ins.

To offset the effect that this shortage of manpower causes, the supervisor has used temporary workers in the past. In trying to implement this method, the supervisor had hired temporary workers to be on-call for both shifts. This plan had been unsuccessful. The cause of this failure was due to several factors. First, the temporary workers were obligated to pay union dues. In addition to these costly dues, all warehouse employees were required to wear steel-toed boots. At $6 per hour the wages were not very attractive. Read more…