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Best Case Study Topics

Winning Case Study Topics

If you want to prepare a successful case study, choose a good topic which attracts you and try to investigate the case as profoundly as possible.

There is a list of the best case study topics which are worth researching:
1) Business and the environment (research if the environment is damaged by human activities);

2) Planning and the business cycle;

3) Planning a budget (research the development and the use of budget);

4) Financial risks (appraise the investment and realize the importance of decision making);

5) International marketing

6) Market research (study the importance of market research in the creation of business strategy);

7) Business location (analyze how the business success depends on its location);

8) Motivation (analyze the factors which motivate the staff to work);

9) Production process (research the organization of a company, its economic problems, how they are solved, learn the factors of production and opportunity cost);

10) Government influence in business (analyze how can the government influence business: it can support business and on the other hand the interference of the government can produce harmful effect on business).

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