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Seanav Corporation Case Study

Case Study on Seanav Corporation

1) What market segment will the company be targeting? Why?
The company most probably works mainly with the other businesses in the industry of marine navigation, governmental organizations, and scientific institutions. The list of the clients presented on the company’s webpage includes Bedford Institute of Oceanography, The United States Navy, and Ocean Climate Research Division. The company is producing quite sophisticated scientific equipment and obviously targets only professionals in the marine navigation.

2) What promotion will be used i.e. using minimum dollars to get maximum effect?
As it was written in the previous question, the company targets only professionals, consequently all the promotion efforts should be directed toward this target group. In business to business marketing quite effective is participating in professional conferences, attending fairs and various international expositions devoted to oceanography and navigation. Seanav should also consider PR and print advertisements in the specific journals related to the oceanography and marine navigation.

3) SWOT analysis

  • Over 20 years in business, 17 years in oceanography
  • Established contacts and partners
  • Technological expertise
  • Long-term relations with the customers
  • Custom developments, trainings
  • User-friendly software


  • The website is not professional
  • Not enough information is provided on the company’s website
  • Not very diversified business


  • Growing industry
  • Diversification
  • Technological progress and computer developments


  • Small target market
  • Highly sophisticated business
  • Very fast-pasted development of technologies – programs become outdated quite soon
  • Financial situation – world financial crisis
  • Growing number of competitors
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