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Zelte USA Case Study

Zelte USA an In Depth Case Analysis

In this paper I will provide analysis of the Zelte USA case study, in particular, of the situation that occurred in the company with the General Manager of the company-Hans Meindle, overview key problems in his behaviors, attitudes and leadership style, as well as analyze how Meindle used and misused different types of power with his subordinates and company’s clients.

1. Introduction
Zelte USA, the wholly owned subsidiary of Zelte GmbH, Germany, was established in 1979. It manufactures wheel and casters for different types of mobile equipment, including carts, furniture and hospital beds. The General Manager of the company is Hans Meindle and there are also four departmental managers. Tom Williams is the company’s financial manager, Lloyd Forrest is the production manager, Bob Hobson is the national sales manager and Dan Offerman is the marketing manager. Important point is that even though the company is originally German, of all management only Hans Meindle and Dan Offerman speak German. Read more…