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Illy Cafe Case Study

Case Study on Illy Cafe

Value Creation through Responsible Supplier Relationship

Introduction describes company and the goal of the paper
Illy Caffe is one of the ten best companies in the coffee industry in Europe. It was founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, and in 1994 was given over to Andrea Illy. Since its formation, Illy Caffe’s main goal was to deliver the best quality coffee to its customers. The company was careful when choosing its suppliers and always made sure it receives the best quality coffee beans. However, after the last CEO has joined the company in 1994, Illy Caffe decided to change its strategy and to become more responsible in the area of its business. The circumstances, which the coffee industry appeared to be under in 1989, was the first step toward the strategic changes made in some companies, like Illy Caffe. Now, Illy Caffe buys highest-quality Arabica beans directly from Brazil, Central America, India, and Africa. The company has restructured its supply chain completely, and has brought many innovations into the coffee industry in Brazil, making it the exporter of the best-quality coffee beans grower and producer in the world. The following paper aims at analyzing the changes made in Illy Caffe in 1989 and identifying the key issues and their potential solutions in the company’s new strategy.

Changes in Illy Caffe’s supply chain describes the strategy and its benefits Read more…


Russia Case Study

Case Study on Russia

1. Introduction
In this paper I am going to present my research results regarding development of Russian economy from Stalin times till present moment. I will cover the following periods: Stalin’s industrialization, Khrushchev’s agricultural reforms, Brezhnev’s stagnation, Gorbachev’s crisis, market reforms of Yeltsin, Putin’s economic growth and finally contemporary Medvedev’s recession.

In the second part of my paper I will analyze the general features of the North Eastern Eurasia climate. And in the final part of the paper I am going to describe comparatively features of the climate and life forms in tundra, taiga and step.

2. From Stalin to Medvedev
2.1 Stalin’s industrialization
It is impossible to underestimate Stalin’s impact on the economy of the Soviet Union. People, who presented different political parties interpret and analyze his action from different sides. During his government, he conducted a series of economic improvements, industrialization, which raised economy of the country to previously unknown heights. He held agricultural reforms, decreased the level of criminality, and under his government the Great Patriotic War was won. On the other hand, millions of common people were called “public enemies”, sent to disciplinary camps, hundreds of thousands were physically wiped out, and tortures thrived.

In the middle of 1920s Stalin claimed that industrialization was the only way of socialistic development of the society and the economy of the country. Read more…

Case Study Analysis Example

Case Study Analysis Example

1. Executive Summary
The case study that will be analyzed in this report presents the case of an American woman who has been living and working in Bangkok, Thailand for three years. It comes without saying, that her life in Bangkok has not been easy. She does not speak Thai language and many of Thais do not speak English, this poses a communicational barrier. She does not own a car and does not have access to the corporate car, this poses a navigation barrier. Moreover, she had to face some differences in the approach to work in within Thai people. It came as a surprise for her that while Americans are usually ready to fulfill the tasks on the short notice, Thais are more laid back and are not willing to rush with completing one or other task. Being unaware of this Racela had troubles at work and was under constant stress. Furthermore, to Racela’s surprise she has discovered that women are usually paid less than man at the work place, and, in general, her firm lacked structure. At the same time, they are many splendid things in Thailand. Racela enjoys travelling, getting to know foreign culture and getting used to accept the cultural differences. Racela’s income is also stable, being rather low for the Western World, though reliable in Asia. Finally, living in Thailand has shaped Racela’s personality and helped her become a better, more intelligent, mature and sophisticated person. The three years spent in Thailand has surely been valuable, though being offered a new job in Hawaii, Racela is not sure whether she should continue her stay in Thailand or return to America. Read more…