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Cooper Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Case Study on Cooper Pharmaceuticals

There is no doubt that, doing business, every company is aimed to progress and to thrive. Each and every established enterprise is expected to be successful and profitable. Every thriving businessman will tell you that the guarantee of success is high-quality staff recruitment and the proper management in business. Great management is the basis of the company future.

Cooper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a major company that had a good reputation and could boast highly skilled employees. Having analyzed the supervising methods that were implemented at the enterprise, we can say that such a success was not surprising. The proper supervision is the keystone to profitable business. The staff is the basis of any enterprise, its essential factor. People that deal with customers, and at CPI these were detailers, are responsible for the development of the company as these are the clients who make the profit of your business. Due to them companies are worthwhile to exist, therefore, it is evident that the way the customers are treated influences your business. Meanwhile the main role of a manager is to guide the staff and it is evident that at CPI this function was performed well. Read more…


Lotus Case Study

Lotus Case Study

Lotus Development Corporation is one of the leaders in its segment of the market. In spite of the fact that the company has entered the market at the early stages of its development its current leading position is under a serious threat, though the perspectives of the company may be quite good as well. Such a controversial situation is basically provoked by the rapidly changing market which demands the implementation of new approaches to sales management. To put it more precisely, at the moment, the company faces a dilemma either to refuse from its dealers and develop direct sales to customers, or, on the contrary, continue the traditional strategy of sales through the network of dealers.

First of all, it should be said that the dilemma is really serious and it is even possible to estimate that postponing the solution of this problem may threaten to the future of the company in the market. In fact, it is necessary to underline that the challenge the company faces at the moment is the result of the long lasting process of the development of the market of software products where the company traditionally had strong positions. In this respect, it should be pointed out that since the beginning of the development of the market the company was under a serious risk of being in a worse position compared to its major competitors. Obviously, the software market was rapidly developing and, what is more important, the permanent and rapid implementation of new technologies forced the company to keep pace with its major competitor, which also grew very fast since the industry was new and focused on the implementation of innovative technologies. As a result, at the beginning there were a lot of minor companies that could a technological breakthrough and take the leading position in the industry. Nevertheless, in such a situation, Lotus managed to keep pace with its major competitors Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, and IBM. Read more…