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Cooper Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Case Study on Cooper Pharmaceuticals

There is no doubt that, doing business, every company is aimed to progress and to thrive. Each and every established enterprise is expected to be successful and profitable. Every thriving businessman will tell you that the guarantee of success is high-quality staff recruitment and the proper management in business. Great management is the basis of the company future.

Cooper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a major company that had a good reputation and could boast highly skilled employees. Having analyzed the supervising methods that were implemented at the enterprise, we can say that such a success was not surprising. The proper supervision is the keystone to profitable business. The staff is the basis of any enterprise, its essential factor. People that deal with customers, and at CPI these were detailers, are responsible for the development of the company as these are the clients who make the profit of your business. Due to them companies are worthwhile to exist, therefore, it is evident that the way the customers are treated influences your business. Meanwhile the main role of a manager is to guide the staff and it is evident that at CPI this function was performed well.

Bob Marsh worked for CPI for twelve years and within the whole period his performance was supervised by six managers who supplied thorough reports to the authorities. The problem was that though Marsh performed successfully, increased the total sales and accordingly got regularly the pay rise, there were problems concerning lack of organization and his inability or reluctance to use all the possibilities of the area in question. No manager could help Bob Marsh to get rid of these drawbacks.

In my opinion the CPI’s policy could be a bit different, concerning Marsh’s performance. Firstly, in the very beginning of his career John Meredith noticed that Marsh was not motivated and paid little attention to planning and organization of the working process. Motivation is incredibly important in sales management, for a manager it is the top priority task to motivate the employees. It could be done either through a reward system or through the advancement. We have seen that Bob Marsh’s salary increased with time, therefore perhaps it was necessary to find some other means of motivation for him. The variety of methods used to give an incentive to the staff forms a real system of incentive programs, which can be successfully used on any enterprise. On the other hand, any reward system will be effective if it is implemented basing on two main principles. Firstly, the rewarded employees should accept it as a positive event and secondly, the reward should be the incentive for the appropriate for the company behavior. Dr. Robert S. Kaplan from Harvard Business School said: “Each organization must create and communicate performance measures that reflect its unique strategy” (Alessandra 127). Marsh’s performance did not meet some of the requirements of the company from the very beginning, so it was necessary to reward him, basing not only on the sales increase but also on his level of discipline. Otherwise, Marsh saw that his salary depended only on the profit he brought and did not pay attention to other factors.

Moreover, in order not to receive the customer’s complaints about Marsh’s dismissal, the managers should have interrogated the customers whether they were satisfied with March’s work or not and only then that had to choose what was more important for the company: to answer the customers’ demands or to have a highly skilled and disciplined detailer. Certainly, this question is quite ambiguous. Usually, major companies aim to have both. However, every company, even the most successful one, faces difficulties in spite of its well-organized work. Perhaps for Cooper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. it was that very case and the only thing to do was to learn a lesson for the future from the situation.

To make a conclusion, I am inclined to believe that personnel management is a science that needs careful approach and many abilities, but as any science it can be mastered. Work with people does not need only leadership qualities but the knowledge of psychology as well. It concerns not only colleagues and subjects but customers as well. Some of entrepreneurs said “Customers are a source of goals”(Alessandra 135). Companies that are oriented at the consumers and their tastes are more likely to succeed in the world of business. In the Cooper case, we cannot say that the company did Marsh an injustice as during the last years of his wok his performance was assessed as Completely Unsatisfactory. However, I believe a bit different attitude to him from the very beginning of his career could have changed the situation.

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