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Second-Impact Syndrome Case Study

The article title “Second-Impact Syndrome” written by Sarah Cobb, and Barbara Battin in The Journal of School Nursing, dated October 2004, speaks about the dangers of the head injury that occurs in schools or universities. The article starts by noting that head injuries are very common in high school/university sports, and that one has to properly face the potential problems associated with head injuries. Failure to properly treat or prevent injuries (especially second-impact injuries) might cause great damage to the central nervous system of people and cause somatic, emotional and cognitive problems later in their lives.

The article called concussion a “form of head injury that occurs immediately after a blunt force strikes the head causing the brain to move within the confines of the skull”(Cobb et al, p.262). Contrary to the common belief concussion does not always lead to Loss of consciousness (LOC) and thus is oftentimes left unnoticed. Later individuals experience headaches, amnesia, confusion and other sensual disturbance that interfere with normal functioning.

Concussion has three different grades as shown below (Cobb et al, p.263):

  1. Mental abnormalities lasting less than 15 minutes, no loss of consciousness.
  2. mental abnormalities lasting over 15 minutes, no loss of consciousness.
  3. Loss of consciousness Read more…