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Case Study on JC Penney

SWOT Analysis
One of the main strengths that JC Penney Company possesses over its competitors is its Customer First Initiative. The firm also has a broad product and service provisions. The firm is able to offer a wide array of products and services over customers through its numerous online retail channels (Baron, 2000). The firm also has a reasonable brand portfolio. This is indicated by the popular brands the company retails. Some of these brands include South Pole, Dockers and Degree (Phalon, 2001).

The main weakness for the firm is their preceding surplus inventory. The overflow in the products the firm had acquired is the main reason for the decline in sales. Moreover, the overflow in the inventory has delayed the firm in receiving new stock that caters for the new fashion tendencies (Baron, 2000).

One opportunity that the firm has over its competitors is its expansion of Sephora stores. Since Sephora is an upcoming brand that provides new cosmetic trends, the firm has the opportunity of expanding the stores in order to include more Sephora products (Slywotzky, 2002). The firm also has the possibility of launching novel and exclusive private label brands due to its wide network that covers the country. Read more…