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Writing a Case Study on Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace is the action of the aggressive and rude behaviour towards the co-worker because of the negative attitude to his personality, his ethnicity, religious views, worldview, gender, sexual orientation, appearance and character. It is obvious that there are many factors which can provoke the aggressor to commit a violent action. Violence in the workplace is quite a common problem nowadays because the humanity lives in the constant stress and overloading with information and these factors cause strong aggression and violent behaviour.

Violence in the workplace is a serious problem which spoils the work of the company, because the opponents try to reduce the effectiveness of work of one another and the firm’s financial performance reduces. The employer is supposed to maintain the healthy working conditions for everyone and provide every employee with advice and protection. Every smart employer is supposed to know about the problems which exist in the staff and to do his best to calm down the emotions and build the constructive working relations. Violence can touch upon the individuals who differ from the other members of the staff with his worldview, gender, age and ethnicity. Naturally, a human being always treats different people suspiciously, but violence in a radical and completely impropriate behaviour. In addition, violence in the workplace can be connected with the success of the victim. The employee can do his job well and receive respect from the side of the employer and the rest of the staff envies him and starts behaving towards him violently in order to make his quit the workplace and give up the competition. Read more…