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Free Case Study Sample

Today, it is increasingly recognized that QE (5S) management techniques enhance productivity and competitiveness. In order to become a World Class Gemba, an organization has to go through a continuous and systematic process to:

  • Identify, reduce and eliminate waste
  • Enhance teamwork
  • Enhance operation effectiveness in a better working environment
  • Form the basic advanced model for Productivity and Quality Improvement

The key word in this description is the elimination of unnecessary items in the workplace. Sorting is an excellent technique to transform a cluttered workplace layout into an effective area to improve efficiency and safety.

Potential Impacts:

  • Necessary items are identified and positioned in
  • the right workplace and location.
  • Unwanted items are eliminated.
  • Searching time is reduced.
  • Working environment is improved.
  • Space utilization is maximized.
  • Mark reference materials with an oblique line to detect disorder from a distance.
  • Put names and numbers on all jigs and tools.
  • Store tools beside the machine with which they will be used according to sequence of work operations.
  • Organize files and store using color code to make it easy to identify materials at a glance.
  • Store similar items together.
  • Store different items in separate rows.
  • Do not stack items together, use rack or shelf.
  • Use small’s bins to organize small items
  • Use color for quick identification of items.
  • Label clearly each item and its storage area (Visual Control)
  • Use see-through cover for better visibility.
  • Use specially designed carts to organize tools, jigs and measuring devices that are needed for each particular machine.

The key word in this description is keeping the workplace and everything in it clean and in good functional condition. This is achieved through the combination of the cleaning function and defect detection.

Potential Impacts:

  • Higher quality work and products.
  • More comfortable and safer work environment
  • Greater visibility and reduced retrieval time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Creates positives impression on visitors and during customer inspections

Examples of checklists are:
Potential Impacts:

  • Better workplace standards.
  • Better Visual Control Systems.
  • Establishment of Rules and Standard Operation
  • Procedure (SOP).
  • Information sharing on required standards.
  • Improvement in operation and workflow.

The last S stands for SUSTAIN which requires self-discipline..
Buying in to these basic values is the essential starting point to develop a World Class organization.

Mistake proofing recognizes that every human will make mistakes and tries to set up systems that minimize or eliminate those mistakes.

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