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About Case Study Formats

Case Study Formats

When you have to write a case study, you may be offered to prepare it in a special format. There are many formats used in writing a case study but the most popular are MLA and APA formats. Sometimes students have troubles with organizing their case papers in this or that format, because they hardly know the slightest difference between these formats. We will try to explain to you the key points of these formats, their usage in different types of papers and in various disciplines.

What is the APA Format?
The APA (American Psychological Association) format is used in research papers, case studies by psychologists and is common in social disciplines. Every APA document has a specific structure. It consists of eight parts. The title page includes the article and information about the author, then there is the abstract which summarizes the conclusions of the research. The introduction of the case study in APA format presents the background information and tells the reader about the problem. The main part of the case study introduces the methods and measures which have been taken to solve the problem or the case. Then follows the result section. Here you write the findings and their value for the human knowledge. Then, there is the reference page where you enumerate the used literary sources. Finally, in the appendix section introduce tables, explanations, pictures, diagrams. You must remember that the main task of the APA format is to make information clear for everybody. There are many ways of achieving clarity: creation of tables, diagrams, references, citations, presentation of statistics. As you see, this format is convenient for making researches in the field of social disciplines. Read more…