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How to Write a Good Case Study

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

How to Write a Good Case Study

If you were assigned to perform a case study of the certain event but you do not have a previous experience in this field, than this article may be useful and helpful. If you try to search for “how to write a case study” in Google you will get hundreds of web-sites that provide with step-by-step guides for writing a case study. In our article we are going to present some general rules and useful tips for college students.

Case study writing is kind of research and analytic paper in one. First of all be ready to do a good research on your topic, you can not write and furthermore do analytical work unless you have enough information. When you are done with learning your topic we would advise you to spend some time and think of a good title. Ask yourself what has been the most interesting for you to know or what has surprised you while reading. Find a way to link your title with this fact but keep an intrigue. On this step all you have to do is to grab a reader’s attention. When you ask a question “how to write a good case study?” start with asking yourself what would you like to know about this topic if you were a reader and what would be interesting to you? Read more…