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SWOT Analysis Case Study

SWOT Analysis Case Study

a) Product and package differentiation: the company intends to introduce vitamin-enriched bottled water for athletes. The package includes an ergonomic bottle (environment-cautious) and a sport cap. All the characteristics mentioned above help to differentiate the product as sport-oriented (the company’s target market is athletes within the age of 10-30 y.o.)
b) Safety standards and scientific expertise positive references – the water is taken from natural springs in the ground. It is naturally filtered by rocks etc leaving all the minerals in the water that are good for the body without any harmful substances.
c) Package marketing approach – the labeling on the bottle will have different sports statistics, pictures etc, thus the package will continue to market the product before and after the purchase is made.
d) Extensive product line – water types like flavored water, mineral water, etc.

a) Price limitations – the price is felt to be a bit high in comparison with other bottled water brands.
b) Weak distribution network – again, the distribution of the new product is estimated to be weak as compared to the market leaders.
c) Location of production (excess transportation costs)
d) Totally new brand on the market – current brand unawareness complicates gaining the market share. Read more…