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Writing a Case Study on Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace is the action of the aggressive and rude behaviour towards the co-worker because of the negative attitude to his personality, his ethnicity, religious views, worldview, gender, sexual orientation, appearance and character. It is obvious that there are many factors which can provoke the aggressor to commit a violent action. Violence in the workplace is quite a common problem nowadays because the humanity lives in the constant stress and overloading with information and these factors cause strong aggression and violent behaviour.

Violence in the workplace is a serious problem which spoils the work of the company, because the opponents try to reduce the effectiveness of work of one another and the firm’s financial performance reduces. The employer is supposed to maintain the healthy working conditions for everyone and provide every employee with advice and protection. Every smart employer is supposed to know about the problems which exist in the staff and to do his best to calm down the emotions and build the constructive working relations. Violence can touch upon the individuals who differ from the other members of the staff with his worldview, gender, age and ethnicity. Naturally, a human being always treats different people suspiciously, but violence in a radical and completely impropriate behaviour. In addition, violence in the workplace can be connected with the success of the victim. The employee can do his job well and receive respect from the side of the employer and the rest of the staff envies him and starts behaving towards him violently in order to make his quit the workplace and give up the competition. Read more…


Case Study Proposal Writing

Case study writing is the common assignment at every college and university, which teaches students analyze the direct situations and problems related with the core subjects developing their professional skills and knowledge. Every case study is a certain puzzle, which requires time and nerves. One should devote much time to collect much information on the topic and analyze it well. It is obvious that if a student is interested in the direct problem, which is closely connected with the main topic, he can prepare a case study proposal asking the permission to research this very case.

Naturally, it is difficult to complete a worthy case study proposal especially for inexperienced students, because the paper requires logical structure and correct presentation of data and evidence which can persuade the professor permit a student investigate the chosen topic. If one is not sure that he is able to write an effective case study proposal himself, he can apply for the high-quality help in the internet and order a case study proposal online. Numerous professional case study proposal writing services offer their assistance to students who have troubles with the process of writing. It is an advantage to buy a case study proposal online, because an expert possesses rich imagination and professional skills which can be helpful in the correct choice of the points for the research and organization of the paper. Read more…

How to Write a Law Case Study

Law is one of the factors which regulate social relations. Unfortunately, there is no direct definition to the term of law, because this question is very vast and there are many schools of law which explain the meaning of this term differently. Nevertheless, it is possible to find at least one common explanation which describes the sense of this term. Law is the set of norms and rules which maintain proper social relations and are maintained by the government. Law is a very old discipline which appeared already in ancient Greece due to Aristotle, who is considered to be the founder of the discipline. Since ancient times people wanted to regulate their life in the society and protect their rights. The desire for protection is the natural one, that is why people have always thought about the norms which can provide them with safety and security. There is a brief list of the main components of law, which should be present in every law system of every country. Read more…

Best Case Study Topics

Winning Case Study Topics

If you want to prepare a successful case study, choose a good topic which attracts you and try to investigate the case as profoundly as possible.

There is a list of the best case study topics which are worth researching:
1) Business and the environment (research if the environment is damaged by human activities);

2) Planning and the business cycle;

3) Planning a budget (research the development and the use of budget);

4) Financial risks (appraise the investment and realize the importance of decision making);

5) International marketing

6) Market research (study the importance of market research in the creation of business strategy);

7) Business location (analyze how the business success depends on its location);

8) Motivation (analyze the factors which motivate the staff to work);

9) Production process (research the organization of a company, its economic problems, how they are solved, learn the factors of production and opportunity cost);

10) Government influence in business (analyze how can the government influence business: it can support business and on the other hand the interference of the government can produce harmful effect on business).

About Case Study Formats

Case Study Formats

When you have to write a case study, you may be offered to prepare it in a special format. There are many formats used in writing a case study but the most popular are MLA and APA formats. Sometimes students have troubles with organizing their case papers in this or that format, because they hardly know the slightest difference between these formats. We will try to explain to you the key points of these formats, their usage in different types of papers and in various disciplines.

What is the APA Format?
The APA (American Psychological Association) format is used in research papers, case studies by psychologists and is common in social disciplines. Every APA document has a specific structure. It consists of eight parts. The title page includes the article and information about the author, then there is the abstract which summarizes the conclusions of the research. The introduction of the case study in APA format presents the background information and tells the reader about the problem. The main part of the case study introduces the methods and measures which have been taken to solve the problem or the case. Then follows the result section. Here you write the findings and their value for the human knowledge. Then, there is the reference page where you enumerate the used literary sources. Finally, in the appendix section introduce tables, explanations, pictures, diagrams. You must remember that the main task of the APA format is to make information clear for everybody. There are many ways of achieving clarity: creation of tables, diagrams, references, citations, presentation of statistics. As you see, this format is convenient for making researches in the field of social disciplines. Read more…

Strengths and Weakness of Case Study Method

Strengths and Weakness of the Case Study Method as an Approach to Qualitative Research
Case studies can be briefly defined as a form of qualitative descriptive research that explores individuals, a small group of individuals participating in a project, or a group as a whole. Like traditional research methods, the case study is aimed as collecting data, which can be participants’ information, direct observations, examination of records, tests, interviews, etc. Research is limited to the information available from individuals or a group of individuals participating in a study; therefore the conclusions a drawn solely about participants in a specific context. For these reasons, researchers avoid generalization and discovery of universal cause and effect relationships and focus instead on exploration and description. These characteristics of case study research methodology imply that a series of limitations exists in terms of application of this tool. At the same time, many professionals argue this type of research provides valuable insights and triggers questions for further discussion and research. Read more…

How to Write a Good Case Study Report

How to Write a Good Case Study Report

A case study report is one of the most dreadful things for every student. Writing a case study report you should be ready spend long hours researching your topic as accurate as possible. A case study report is popular at universities to check how you have understood the theoretical course of a subject and what you are able to demonstrate practically. Evidently, practice is far more difficult than theoretical tasks. Most students who are obliged to do a case study report do not know how to write a case study report and try to find assistance or professional writers who will write the report for them. If you are ready to meet the problem face to face and do a report yourself, Free Case Study offers its assistance and provides you with case study report writing tips.

Case Study Report Writing Tips:

  1. First of all build a plan, that will help you to do a good case study report. Match what and when you are going to research. Strict organization is the key to success. Try to think over the structure of your report to make it logical, interesting and readable.
  2. Brainstorm a unique title for the report. It will attract readers’ attention from the very beginning. Try to make such a title which will tell readers what your report will be about. Read more…