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Case Study on Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the subjective evaluation of an individual of his own worthiness and importance. Self-esteem is an important problem of psychology and it has been research by numerous psychologists who tried to discover the sources of self-esteem and the reasons of the low and high self-esteem. There are many theories which describe the role and the aspects of self-esteem for the human life and success. For example, there is the Pyramid of Maslow which presents the hierarchy of the human needs and self-esteem belongs to the important row of the ‘high’ needs of an individual, like respect, confidence, etc. Self-esteem plays the key role in the success of the human life and all the problems which occur with people depend on this factor. Very often if one is not active and is afraid of serious actions, promotion at work, etc, he will never reach success, because he does not know that he is worthy and that the others are the same but not better than he. It is important to develop the quality of self-esteem from the early childhood demonstrating to the child that he is able to do the work himself, devote serious tasks to the child and when he copes with this work, he will understand that he is skilful and independent enough to work further. As a result the person is not afraid of the environment and the critical opinion of the others and works hard till she reaches her goal. Self-esteem and motivation is an effective tandem which brings success to an individual, because the feeling of self-respect and the constant motion are always rewarded with benefit in all spheres of human life: family, education, work, leisure, etc. Read more…